Smart Television


Did you hear about HbbTV and DVB-I as yet? The standards which make it possible to distribute broadcast television programs over the Internet and select the channels with the same ease as picking the RF channels on your remote control. The technology is there. Widespread implementation is still something of a dream. But more and more fully compliant television sets are coming on the market and many broadcasters have adopted the technology. Check out this website for all those little details you need to know about.

One day, a smart television set should be able to select a broadcast stream from the Internet with the same ease as selecting an RF channel from the antenna. As per late 2019 the standards from both HbbTV and DVB-I have been aligned, and test applications have been demonstrated throughout 2020. In Australia, the joint broadcasters are operating "Freeview" which now delivers live channels and an enormous library of many thousands past programs via the Internet, using the HbbTV standard. Most smart TV sets sold in Australia in the last few years or so are compatible. Join the 'red button revolution' and try it out.

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